Coparison of ASCENDU 3x3 with a top of the range E-BIKE

We have been able to compare the performance of a top of the range E-Bike with the ASCENDU 3x3. We took first the ASCENDU 3x3 to climb Tres Provincias Peak you can watch a video on Youtube about this, and then, we took a Lapierre Overvolt 729i to do the same route.

We could ride all the way up with the ASCENDU 3x3 but with the E-Bike that was not possible. The E-Bike allows you to climb much faster, actually it feels like a motorbike at times, like when I was climbing at 20km/h without much effort in a bridleway. But when the path is narrow and or slippery, keeping the balance is the limitation of the E-Bike, while with the ASCENDU you can keep the balance and go where you want to go.

You can watch the video on Youtube. Here, I leave the final conclusions:


  • Kills feeling of achievement associated with endurance sport.

  • Unable to climb some parts.

  • Dangerous if you try hard to climb pedaling.

  • Resembles motorcycling at times.

  • It makes mountain biking more accessible.


  • Slow but gives feeling of achievement.

  • Able to climb everything in the route.

  • You keep better control in extreme climbs.

  • This is pure cycling, no motor, no walking.

  • You need to be reasonable fit.

Gonzalo Garcia-Atance