The design of the bike ASCENDU 3x3 and ASCENDU 3x3 E has been submitted for a “modelo de utilidad” U 201831583. Further applications for intellectual property protection are planned.


3x3x3 system

Our design is based on the utilization of three support points principle. The tricycle has three wheels to maintain balance at ultra low speed or even backwards. There are three longitudinal planes, one across the main frame and the other two in each of the front wheels, the structure of the tricycle in these planes can move upwards or downwards independently, allowing stability in inclined or bumpy terrain. Finally the head tubes of each fork are hold from three points. We call it 3x3x3 system an it is the core of the tricycle that allows you to cycle extreme off road climbs.

3x3x3 system.png

Three piece handlebar

This is a unique handlebar formed by three, again, pieces that move separately although they are coupled by linkages. The central handlebar behaves as a normal handlebar where you control steering as in a conventional bicycle to keep balance by steering, it is used at normal and high speed. The other two lower handlebars are joined to the vertical movement of the front wheels, therefore by applying different forces on these pieces, either by pushing or pulling, you can vary and control your balance on the tricycle without the need to keep a minimum speed. This is used at low speed or when covering smooth terrain such as tarmac road.

three piece handlebar.png


The two front wheels are not a handicap for extreme off road terrain. The transverse beams are designed to work with side inclination greater than 100%. You would be able to cycle across a 100% side slope thanks to its leaning or tilting suspension.


long chainstay crawler

Almost any modern mountain bike has short chainstays to make it nimbler and to increase the traction by placing more weight on the rear wheel. The drawback on these conventional bikes is that the front wheel tends to pop up from the ground. Conversely, uphill motorbikes have long chainstays to keep the front wheel on the ground even in the steepest climbs. This is the solution adopted by ASCENDU. The long chainstay gives you longitudinal stability in the steepest climbs to the point that you can mount and dismount without hassle in the middle of these steep climbs.


extreme gear range

Modern top of the range mountain bikes with a 1x12 set up have a gear range of around 500% - 520%. The trike ASCENDU 3x3 has a gear range of 1055%. In the shortest gear the bike travels 0.65m every turn of the crankset ! It is literally half the shortest gear of a top of the range mountain bike. It makes easier to regulate power and torque and helps to keep traction. These numbers may change with the actual selection of components of the bike but expect extreme short gears.

low gear.png

Splittable frame

The ASCENDU bikes have a splittable frame without tools for convenience. You can transport it inside your car and get the bike into a small flat in a city. It goes through any door and even fits inside of an average size wardrobe. You might need to split the frame and remove the wheels but you do not need any tool for doing this.