60Km route with GrupoMTBMadrid

I took the tricycle ASCENDU 3x3 prototype to a route with another 11 bikers to Collado Villalba, Madrid, last Sunday. It was the first time I ever ride with the prototype together with other people. The route had variety, with some climbs, mainly bridleway, some road and street connections, and quite a long singletrack downhill. I could keep up with them. I was in the rear of the group though. But probably it was because I am not the fittest either, I haven’t ridden much for the last year and a halve due to working on the prototype.


I am very happy about how the bike could cope with all the situations. I could ride side by side. I was the last one only on the road climb, no surprise there due to the combination of my fitness and the penalty in drag and weight. In the lengthy downhill singletrack I was in the middle of the group! Perhaps my downhill skills were better than others but the important thing is that you can go fast with this thing in many single tracks.

Downhill section

Downhill section

Gonzalo Garcia-Atance